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The Thai market to watch and their players -Cosmetics market-

Corporate Directions, Inc 23 January 2016

We at CDI-Thailand discuss the various socioeconomic issues of Thailand and ASEAN related to Thailand’s noteworthy market and its players. In this article we would like to discuss the rapidly growing cosmetics market.

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Human capital strategy in AEC era: free flow or controlled trickle?

Corporate Directions, Inc 17 December 2015

In this report, we will study the key points and challenges in the ASEAN labor market and investigate national policies in each country concerning free flow of skilled labor and the impact on businesses.

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Retail Market Development and the Rise of “Regional Retailers”

Corporate Directions, Inc 22 May 2015

This discussion series analyzes the effects of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to be formed by the end of 2015. This paper particularly examines the development of the retail industry in ASEAN and the potential impacts from AEC. When it comes to selling consumer goods such as food and beverage products, in many ASEAN countries, the primary distribution channel is the retail shops.

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