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New Business Development

         B  U  I  L  D  is a special unit of CDI that delivers new business development services for creating growth engines
           to clients seeking innovative and sustainable new businesses

Our New Business Development

Business development is defined as the tasks and processes concerning the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities.

We believe that to develop a successful new business, there needs to be developing a strategic business model that will drive the business forward in the future.

Therefore, there is a need to have a process that critically analyses external and internal environment and then innovatively generates ideas to growing the business, developing a business model, and then connecting all required elements to make it happen.

Our Clients

Why experienced consultant is necessary

  • New business development is something new in an organization and doesn't happen often, therefore, no one in the organization has experience in developing new business.
  • New business development tasks require a variety of skills and knowledge at each stage such as analytical skills, critical skills, marketing and finance knowledge during the planning phase, and require project management skills, problem-solving skills during implementation phase.
  • New business development work is a project that will be executed at a particular time, which will be forwarded to the operations team to carry on after the business become more visible.

Our Services

Our Strategic Process

Business Analysis

    This section sets out to understand the external environment with a view to establishing the key drivers of change in the world and within the industry and related industries.

Idea Generation

    This process is to search for possible business opportunities and future scenarios in order to develop into a reasonable probability of occurrence.

Business Model Development

    This process is to develop a business model and check whether it fits the circumstances the business now faces, and also how will this business model work.


    This last step aimed to make the business model happen by connecting all required elements together.