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Door to Success of Your Business with Japan
Japan as an attractive market
・For Asian companies, Japan is one of the attractive market, where consumers & customers have strong purchasing budgets.
・Matured & aging Japan is a “forerunner of finding answers for emerging issues”, which is the foundation for social & business innovations. Ref.) Prof. Komiyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
Japan as a powerful partner
・Japanese companies have developed globally-competitive technologies & know-hows during the long history of Japan as an economic powerhouse. Automotive, Electronics, Heavy Industry, Robotics, Food, Engineering, Healthcare, Entertainment etc.
・A Japanese management style, which focuses on continuous improvement of internal capabilities, will contribute to the development of unique management style of each company in each Asian countries.

… But you may face some barriers & obstacles…

Highly Complicated "Institutional Wall"

  • Highly complicated institutional system and regulation on business promotion (e.g. insurance reimbursement system)

Surprisingly high “Language and heart barriers"

  • Time and effort for translation to be needed as absence of English based culture with high possibility of misleading
  • Culture with vague wariness exists for a person from outside of Japan

Unique Management System / Culture

  • Understanding of unique management system like "Ringi-seido" is necessary. (usually take longer than western-style company in decision-making process)

Hard to make contact with “Right Person”

  • Usually, it is hard to make contact with “Right Person” who can accelerate decision-making process.

Eliminate barriers to building relationships

CDI as a leading Japanese consulting firm strongly support your challenge in Japan.

・Highly Complicated "Institutional Wall"

・Surprisingly high "Language and heart barriers"

  • Abundant experience as "Catalyst" to open up the heart of Japanese companies as well as response to language and institutional barriers.

Unique Management System / Culture

  • Experience as "Excellator" to activate Japanese companies under time-taking management system to link them to foreign markets and partners.

Hard to make contact with “Right Person”

  • Driving force as a "Matching Partner" to reach decision-makers(right person) based on personal and corporate networks that we have cultivated over many years.


Market Study & Strategy Development

  • ・Evaluate opportunities in Japan.
  • ・Study distribution structures.
  • ・Develop entry strategy.
  • ・Advise on organizational and HR system in Japan.
Alliance & Investment

  • ・Find candidates through CDI network with large & medium sized Japanese companies.
  • ・Due Diligence of a M&A target.
  • ・Support negotiation & communication.

Track record